Who Is This Guy Pete Santilli?

Pete “the Sham” Santilli: The Rise to Mediocrity of a Criminal Fraudster

For the last year, Pete Santilli, the host of the Pete Santilli Show, has been assaulting the internet “air waves” with claims of being a former United States Marine who had Top Secret clearance; participated in writing documents that became REX84 and participated in moving conventional weapons for US Armed Forces; being an up-standing citizen who has never been in trouble with the law, never been arrested; and a consumer advocate as head of Santilli & Associates.

Santilli has amassed a small group of die-hard trolls that believe his lies regardless of the truth while Santilli continues to aspire to be the “Howard Stern” of alternative media. In an industry created to save this country, it makes little sense to want to become rich and famous, yet as this expose will show, Santilli has been trying to rise beyond mediocrity all his life. With the advent of BlogTalk Radio, anyone can become a radio host. Santilli proves that literally ANYONE can gain some measure of fame – even if it means lying about who you are to get there.

Yet most people do not know who Santilli REALLY is, where he came from and what his purpose is. Until now . . .

The REAL “Pete Santilli” was born Peter Thomas Santilli in1965 which would make him 47 years old. The pictures below was taken this April and is one of the most recent pictures of Santilli. Obviously he has gained quite a bit of weight and shaved his head to hide his receding hairline. Notice the “man-boobs” and how he happily hugs the wife he claims to be estranged from. Someone should tell his co-host that he is still happily married and this makes her a homewrecker.




This is not reflected in the public shot Santilli has photoshopped to hide his obvious flaws. A former US Marine would not let himself go like this, but as you will see, Santilli was hardly a Marine. Santilli goes to great lengths to hide what he truly looks like – just as he tries to hide who he really is.

Being an overweight, out of work sham of a radio host, Santilli masks who he is from the public in order to build his fake persona. Considering that nothing he claims about himself is true, and the only “facts” he presents are askew, Santilli would not want the public to see that he is a fat, middle-aged loser who has a long criminal background, history of committing real estate fraud against victims of foreclosures, and is not the “Marine” he claims to be.

Since 1992, Santilli has owned 9 residences. Most of them have been in California; however Santilli has also lived in Shelton, Connecticut and Waterford, New York.

Santilli currently holds a Real Estate Salesperson license (# 018023282 00494219) with the California Department of Real Estate. This is where the multiple residences tie in.

Santilli has been involved in a fraudulent series of purchases of foreclosed homes in the city of San Bernardino, California for nearly a decade. Santilli has been purchasing foreclosed homes from black market listings unavailable to the public. Through a connection in the banking industry, Santilli has acquired homes for pennies on the dollar to turn a profit.

While millions of Californians are losing their homes due to the Foreclosure problem caused by the banks with the mortgage-backed securities sold on the global stock market in 2008, Santilli has found a way to make money. His purpose was to run a fix-and-flip scheme. Quite a heartless act considering that millions of Americans have been displaced and made homeless since 2008; however to Santilli, this is just one of many schemes he has been party to and head of in order to make a buck.

The homes Santilli purchased through backdoor deals were located in Rancho Cucamonga (4), Torrance (1), Victorville (1). How many Californians have suffered because of people like Santilli turning a profit on the misery of others?

Before setting up the shell company www.santilliandassociates.com Santilli worked as a rent-a-cop. This job, like all of Santilli’s former employers, did not last long.

When Santilli found he could not remain employed conventionally because of severe personality conflicts with fellow employees and customers, Santilli founded Santilli & Associates; incorporated online with LegalZoom with the headquarters actually being a PO Box located in a strip mall in Oak Hills, California. (The “office” of Santilli & Associates is located in the Post Office next to the 24 Hour Fitness.)

In fact, Santilli’s team of “lawyers” are LegalZoom. Seems that the liar cannot stop himself; but most mentally disturbed persons have this personality trait.

Although Santilli claims that this business is legitimate, it is truly the cover for the original fix-and-flip scheme he was making money from off the backs of Californians who were kicked out of their homes. On the website Santilli & Associates, Santilli claims to help people “protect” themselves and “save [their] home” by purchasing Santilli’s E-book.

Santilli& Associates is filed in California as a non-profit corporation, class PUBLIC BENEFIT; however Santilli has not complied with the legal necessities required to remain under a non-profit corporation by taking profit for his E-book, although sales from this scam were so low they aren’t worth mentioning.

Interestingly, on the Better Business Bureau website, Santilli & Associates is accredited as a “mortgage broker” and not as a PUBLIC BENEFIT non-profit, as it is legally filed with the state of California.

Santilli& Associates is the fake non-profit corporation Santilli has used to facilitate stealing homes from foreclosure victims which is actually a mortgage brokerage firm – or at least illegally operating as one.

True to the portrait of any scam-artist, Santilli can be seen in a cheap suit, explaining to the public how he can help them “before [they] shop the loan modification process.”

Having a Real Estate License which was used to assist Santilli in purchasing foreclosed homes off the books does not qualify him as a “consumer advocate”. But this is just one of the many scams Santilli has run throughout his life.

Santilli has had many low-end jobs in retail including a cashier at an automotive glass repair shop, cashier at a U-Haul franchise location, and other retail stores.

At the time Santilli claims to have worked as an executive for Coca-Cola, he actually worked for a bottling plant contracted by the Coca-Cola Corporation located at 10670 6th St in Rancho Cucamonga.

Interestingly, there was an issue that arose with the delivery truck drivers with unpaid over-time. Santilli claims that as a executive at Coca-Cola, he was part of a class action lawsuit to fight for the little guy against the multi-national corporation.

In actuality, the truck drivers came together and filed a class action lawsuit. When Santilli heard about this, he weaseled his way into placing his name on the lawsuit even though he has nothing to do with it. According to an actual participant of the class action lawsuit, Santilli coerced the members of the lawsuit to allow him to place his name on the official court documents. Santilli “saw how much media attention this case was receiving and wanted to be part of it.”

The source says that Santilli was a level 1 supervisor at the bottling plant without any clout or power of authority. In fact, when asked if Santilli were an executive at Coca-Cola, the source laughed and said “no”.

Santilli made the news reports incorrectly claiming he was a “district sales manager”for the “Coca-Cola sales center” in Rancho Cucamonga in the hopes of gaining a level of celebrity. Santilli has lied about his involvement and the circumstances of how he became involved in the case ever since.

Santilli never saw a portion of the settlement of $20.2 million awarded to the truck drivers. Since Santilli had no legal standing to claim any of the proceeds. However, because the average person would not research this case, or speak to the petitioners in the suit, Santilli has been able to lie about the suit and his involvement.

Yet, this is not the first or last time Santilli either flat out lied about circumstances (as in the Coca-Cola suit) or scammed the public for profit (as in his fix-and-flip with foreclosed homes in California).

Santilli tells his audience that he is an upstanding citizen who has never been arrested or sued in a court of law. As we have seen, Santilli lies, cheats and scams the general public. And true to form, this claim is not based in reality.

Santilli was also sued by D&D Home Developers in 1997 in a civil case as owing the company thousands of dollars on a fix-and-flip deal gone bad. This scheme was enacted in Maretta, Georgia.

The filing number for this case is B546P364. The hidden filing number attached to this case is 546364.

Santilli lost the civil suit and was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in restitution to D&D; however Santilli skipped town. Currently, according to public records, Santilli is wanted by the Cobb County State Court with an outstanding arrest warrant still in effect. Should Santilli set foot in Georgia, he would be arrested and forced to pay restitution to D&D, as well as thousands more dollars to the state with jail time attached for illegally skipping out on this judgment.

In 2001, Santilli (and others) were arrested for Breaking and Entering in San Bernardino, California. Santilli tried in Barstow Municipal Court and was jailed for 19 days before bail was posted for his release by a “relative”.Santilli was officially charged with “forcible entry” onto a property he did not own.

The case number is BC I01695. The hidden case number attached to this case is 010695.

Santilli is a criminal who has spent time in jail for B&E. Of course, Santilli never tells his audience about this because who would follow a known and convicted criminal claiming to be a reputable member of the Truth Movement?

In 2008, Santilli was civilly sued by World Trust Mortgage, Inc. (case number SMC VS800466) in Superior Court in San Bernardino, California.

Also in 2008, Santilli was sued in a civil case concerning the California Fire Marshal Officers Association. Santilli got into a physical altercation with a Fire Marshall in 2002. Essentially, Santilli was mouthing off to the Fire Marshall and threw punches at the civil servant. This resulted in another arrest for Santilli and subsequent action in court.

The case went to court originally as case number RCVRS064044, case title, CA FIRE MARSHALL OFFICER V. PETER T. SANTILLI.

Santilli was charged with civil harassment. In retaliation, Santilli tried to sue the Fire Marshall, representing himself PRO PER. He failed miserably and once again embarrassed himself in public. However, this seems to be a theme Santilli repeats throughout his life. If he isn’t flat out lying about his past, he is becoming verbally or physically violent with those around him.

According to Santilli’s Google+ page, he attended Yale Law School. When contacted, registrars at Yale Law School could not find any records of Santilli’s enrollment, dropping out or graduation from the prestigious college.

According to Santilli’s Linkedin page he attended Texas Tech University at California State University in Long Beach. In reality, Santilli attended a low level technical school in 1988 wherein he dropped out in the same year he enrolled. Apparently Santilli took his GI Bill, cashed it in, and then dropped out of a two-year tech college to walk away with the cash.

And that brings us to Santilli’s next lie.

One of Santilli’s “claim to fame” is that he was a United States Marine who served his country, contributed to documents that became REX84 and served his country with honors.

The truth is far from the picture Santilli paints. It is true that Santilli was in the Marine Corps from 1983 – 1988. However, Santilli only obtained an E4 with a rank of Lance Corporal.

The Lance Corporal rank is the lowest a Marine could obtain. In fact, according to those who served with Santilli in the 1980s, he was the lazy type who did the bare minimum it took to serve his 5 years to receive his benefits. Those who knew Santilli in the service describe him has having a Napoleon complex and being hot-headed.

Santilli served as an Aviation Ordinance. This is interesting because Santilli has claimed that he was part of operations to move conventional weapons across the country via privately contracted trucking companies. Santilli also claims that he travelled in the cab of those trucks and even entered secret underground military bases.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As explained by those who served with him, Santilli was known even back then for making up stories, embellishing or just flat out lying for attention. As an Aviation Ordinance, Santilli was no more than a glorified “gas jockey” who gassed up trucks, planes and other vehicles, but never was ordered to be part of any secret missions to move conventional weapons across the country.

Santilli has been ousted from all AM alternative radio stations. Currently, he is confined to internet radio and that is a good thing. Although Santilli appeals to the testosterone-crowd of pumped up youngsters who do not know better, he is in the Truth Movement to make a buck and make a name for himself.

Considering Santilli has a long history of criminal and fraudulent activity, it should not surprise any listener with common sense that he is surrounded by other members of society that cannot “make it in the real world”. From his co-host, producer and other affiliates, it is clear that the Santilli experience is no different than any other tabloid “news”.

This is the REAL Pete Santilli. All information included in this article is public record and verifiable. Names, dates and case numbers have been given to assist the reader in verifying the information for themselves. Any anonymous references to people are kept at the request of the person in question. As a public service, this article should be shared with anyone who listens to, and/or interested in the Pete Santilli Show.


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